New education platform

In April 2016 the Investor Education Centre launched an independent and impartial financial education platform, The Chin Family. Our aim is to make learning about finances simpler, more straightforward and enjoyable for everyone in Hong Kong. The information and tools previously on the IEC website are now available on The Chin Family website.



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About the IEC


With the rapid pace of innovation and growing sophistication and complexity of retail financial products and services available today, the need for financial education has never been greater. This is where the IEC comes in.

Following the HKSAR Government's public consultation in February 2010 and subsequent amendment of the Securities and Futures Ordinance in May 2012, the Investor Education Centre (IEC) was established in November 2012, as a subsidiary of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), to take the lead in improving financial literacy in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

We are a public organisation with the mission of improving financial literacy in Hong Kong. The IEC is supported by the Education Bureau and all four financial regulators.

Our Work

We believe that financial education should be inclusive, widely accessible and made simple. Our programmes are not only aimed at improving the financial skills and knowledge of the public, but also supports the development of more responsible financial habits, behaviours and decision making.

In April 2016, we launched The Chin Family platform to provide people in Hong Kong with comprehensive, credible and impartial financial information, tools and education resources.

Our work includes:

The IEC also serves as the HKSFL secretariat which aims to harness the enthusiasm and efforts of various sectors by setting common goals and enabling cross-sectoral collaboration to address financial education needs in Hong Kong.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with government agencies and the finance, education and community sectors to give the general public the knowledge and tools they need for managing money effectively.


The IEC is governed by an independent Executive Committee comprising a Chairman who is a Non-Executive Director of the SFC, representatives of the four financial regulators - the SFC, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and the Insurance Authority (previously known as Office of the Commissioner of Insurance) - as well as the Education Bureau and representatives of the financial industry and of and the General Manager of the IEC. It meets once every three months to provide strategic oversight and advice to the IEC and approve its policies and decisions.

IEC Executive Committee Members

Chairman Dr Kelvin WONG, JP Non-Executive Director of the SFC
Members CHAN Tze Ching, Ignatius Industry Representative
CHENG Yan Chee Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
HO Hon Kit, Daryl Hong Kong Monetary Authority
KNEEBONE, David Phillip General Manager of the IEC
LAU Man Man, Lisa Industry Representative
NG Ka-shing, Joe Education Bureau
WAN Chi Yiu, Andrew Securities and Futures Commission
WONG Yuk Ping, Joanne Insurance Authority

Stakeholder collaboration

Advisory Committee and Groups

We have set up an Advisory Committee and a number of Advisory Groups to seek the advice and expertise of community representatives in formulating our financial education initiatives and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

IEC Advisory Committee Members

Chairperson KNEEBONE, David Phillip General Manager of the IEC
Members NG Ka Man, Carmen Consumer Council
Ng Tsz Wai, Anthony Financial Disputes Resolution Centre
YAU Kin Hung Hong Kong Police Force

Advisory Group: Financial Education for School Children
Chairperson YIP, Damian Investor Education Centre
Members Dr CHAN Kar Yee, Grace Education Bureau
DING Pak Hei Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations of the Central and Western District Limited
HSIAO Chun Mo Ning Po No.2 College
KONG Siu Cheuk Education Bureau
KWOK Chi Kay, Peter Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
LAM Yik Tin, Miranda Investor Education Centre
LEE Lai Mui, Agnes Bonham Road Government Primary School
LI, Dora The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
POON Tak Cheong, Raymond Committee on Home-School Co-operation
WONG Mei-ling The Boys'& Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
WONG, Shirley Australia and New Zealand Bank
WONG Wai Yu, Michael Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools
Professor YU Wai Mui, Christina The Education University of Hong Kong
Secretary LAM Kit Yung, Stefan Investor Education Centre

Advisory Group: Financial Education for Tertiary Students
Chairperson YIP, Damian Investor Education Centre
Members Dr CHAN Yiu Kong HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
CHU Yau Wing Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency
HUI, Vincent The Bank of East Asia, Limited
LAM Lai Shan The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
Dr LAM Po Yan, Pamela Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education, The Open University of Hong Kong
Dr LAM Wai Leung The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
LAU Sio Kuan, Vivian JA Asia Pacific Limited
Dr LLOYD, Alison Elizabeth The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr NG Wai Cheong, Artie The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Professional Education and Executive Development
Leung Chun Wa Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre - Debt Counseling and Financial Capability Service
Dr WONG Chi Tim City University of Hong Kong
Dr YAN Ting Kwan Vocational Training Council
Secretary YAU Kwan Pang Investor Education Centre

Advisory Group: Financial Education for Working Adults
Chairperson YIP, Damian Investor Education Centre
Members CHING Pui Yuk The Women's Foundation
FUNG Kai Man, David St. James' Settlement
LAU Ka Shi BCT Group (BCT Financial Limited / Bank Consortium Trust Company)
Dr LAW Ming Fai, Ben The University of Hong Kong
LEE Oi Yen Construction Industry Council
LEE Pik Hang, Betty Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
LEUNG Kai Lik HKFTU Occupational Retraining Centre
LI Tin Kei, Dave Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
PONG Po Lam Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong
Dr SIU Mei Fung, Gloria Gain Miles Group
YICK Chi Ming, Frankie Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
YUNG Lai Ping Caritas Family Crisis Line and Education Centre
Secretary LAU Wing Kam, Vicky Investor Education Centre

Advisory Group: Financial Education for Retirees
Chairperson YIP, Damian Investor Education Centre
Members CHAN Fuk Lung Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Healthy Budgeting Family Debt Counselling Centre
CHAN Man Yee, Grace The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Dr CHAN Mou Fung Noble Apex Advisors Limited
HO Mei Yee The Salvation Army
Dr LAM Ching Choi Elderly Commission
LI Yan Kit, Sunny Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 5
TAM Wing Sze Commercial Crime Bureau, Hong Kong Police Force
TANG Kai Hung Project for the Third Age of Institute of Active Ageing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
WONG Fan Foung, Jackson Elderly Commission
WONG Lai Choi Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited
YEUNG Ming Yin Happy Retired
Secretary CHOI Suk Mun, Anny Investor Education Centre

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency, accountability and integrity are key principles our work. We continually assess and evaluate the impact of our financial education initiatives, including consumer acceptance of new education resources and pilot testing of education programmes. We conduct research studies to better understand our prioritised target segments so as to deliver education programmes in a more efficient and effective manner.

Last update: 19 October 2017