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Princess Chin: Save money for different life stages
Grandpa Chin: Smart investment


Chin Junior: Early retirement planning
Chin Junior: Needs and wants


The Chin Family is an independent and impartial financial education platform providing free information, resources and programmes. We help people in Hong Kong plan and manage their finances by making financial learning simple and enjoyable. Each character of The Chin Family has his or her own unique personality and plays a different role to communicate financial topics tailored to specific groups within the community. The Chin Family is managed by the Investor Education Centre, which is supported by the Education Bureau and all four financial regulators.

In April 2016, Investor Education Centre introduced The Chin Family to members of the public at a launch ceremony. The launch comprised of a multimedia education campaign using TV, outdoor advertising and social media, coupled with a theme song, live dance performances and mascot appearances, to raise public interest and engagement in financial learning.

You are welcome to visit The Chin Family website to explore its free and comprehensive resources on money matters and subscribe to the e-newsletter or connect with The Chin Family on Facebook and YouTube.

Click here to learn more about each character of The Chin Family.