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The name of leveraged and inverse products (L&I Products) should enable investors to clearly identify these products.

The name of a L&I Product will tell you whether it is a leveraged or inverse product and its leverage factor. The word “daily” will also form part of the name. For example,

  • A two-time leveraged product should be called
    "[Issuer] [Index] Daily (2x) Leveraged Product"

  • A one-time inverse product should be called
    "[Issuer] [Index] Daily (-1x) Inverse Product"

Identification by annotation

In case a L&I Product uses swaps to achieve its investment objective (swap-based L&I Product), an asterisk (*) and an annotation in English “(*This is a synthetic product)” will appear right after the swap-based L&I Product’s name in the product’s offering documents, marketing materials, notices as well as other communication materials issued to Hong Kong investors.

For example, the annotation to the name of a two-time swap-based leveraged product should be

  • ABC Daily (2x) Leveraged Product * (*This is a synthetic product)

Identification by markers

The English and Chinese stock short names of L&I Products will include markers so that you can identify L&I Products on the stock pages of HKEX’s securities trading system. “L”, “I”, “F” and “X” are markers for leveraged products, inverse products, futures-based L&I Products and swap-based L&I Products respectively.

The markers shall be placed at the beginning of the English and Chinese stock short names for all L&I Products listed on SEHK.

For example,

  • The stock short name of a futures-based 2-time leveraged product will be
    F L 2 ABC

  • The stock short name of a swap-based inverse product will be
    X I ABC

The markers will not appear in the full names of L&I Products.