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A renminbi (RMB) product generally refers to a broad range of investment products that are denominated and settled in RMB or RMB-linked assets or investments.

Like any currency, the value of RMB can rise or fall. So when you invest in RMB products, you will face the currency risk.

For example, even if you make a gain from trading a RMB product, but when you convert the profit into the local currency, you may still make a loss if RMB exchange rate depreciates against Hong Kong dollar.

Always read the investment product's offering documents and the product key facts statement to understand its investment objectives, strategy, risks, fees and dealing procedures, before making any investment decisions.

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ABC of RMB products
IPO application
DTDC model
Dual Counter model for ETFs
Multiple Counter Model for ETFs

Types of RMB products

RQFII funds
RMB bonds
RMB funds
RMB-denominated paper gold scheme
RMB bond ETF
RMB share classes for funds denominated in non-RMB currency
Recognised Mainland Funds