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When it comes to retirement, the older generation will tend to rely on their children. To them, children is an important asset to retirement.

However, relying on your children for retirement no longer works today. We have to be prepared to live on our own, and plan for our own retired life instead. Retirement takes on a broader meaning. We are not only concerned about our financial capability to retire, but also have to consider a wide range of issues such as housing, healthcare, social protection, estate arrangements, and sometimes even supporting our adult children after our retirement.

Retirement is a very individual matter, given that our financial circumstances, family situation, retirement needs and expectations are not the same. Each individual may face different problems and have different concerns regarding retirement. If everyone in Hong Kong has their own retirement story, Hong Kong, with a population of more than 7 million, will have numerous retirement stories to tell.

We have prepared this series of stories in collaboration with the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong. These comprise of actual cases spanning a range of topical, commonly-faced retirement issues, and they explore how Hong Kong people look at retirement today.


25 April 2018