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You're counting down to your additional income towards the year end and looking forward to all the things you can buy. It's OK to spend something that matters to you, but make saving a priority.

Budget for necessary items and set aside some money for life goals and emergencies. Find the balance between spending and saving. Do you have the balance right?

Spending is fine but we also need to budget and plan wisely.

Download the "Money Tracker" mobile app to create a budget and track your expenses.

Balancing your financial budget

When you receive additional income (e.g. a bonus pay-out), avoid impulsive buying. Plan and budget well your and your family's financial goals.

Financial goals setting

It is good to have various dreams in life, but do set short, medium and long term goals, and come up with a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

Wise spending and budgeting

Plan and budget wisely for various kinds of year-end spending, spend within your means.

3 November 2017