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Budgeting for Chinese New Year

Expenses usually go up around the Chinese New Year so it is wise to have a family budget to better manage additional spending over this period. As part of Chinese New Year tradition, "laisee" – little red envelopes containing money – are often given to children by elders and married adults. Children may give their laisee money to their parents for safekeeping or to spend as they please.

This is a timely opportunity for parents to teach children about money, as well as to pay some attention to managing their own family expenditure.

Below are some tools and tips to help you:


Laisee Money Budget Planner

Budgeting for Chinese New Year

The Laisee Money Budget Planner helps you teach and guide your kids how to put their laisee money to good use. You can also teach your kids how to share and show their care for others by donating some of their laisee money to the underprivileged and needy.


Teaching your kids about money

Learn how Dickie Wong, a finance professional, turns day-to-day activities into learning experiences for his pre-schooler daughter Aika.



CNY household budgeting worksheet

CNY household budgeting worksheet

Spending usually goes up during the Chinese New Year season, so be sure to set aside a budget first to better manage your money. This worksheet helps you plan your expenditure and record actual expenses. Manage your money wisely while enjoying the festive season.

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16 January 2017