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The IEC has launched the second series of short videos entitled "Investment training with kung-fu master 2014" to promote public understanding and awareness of some topical investment issues and financial products.

Following the first video series in 2013, this new series adopts the same kung-fu theme, ie learning kung-fu as an analogy of learning investment knowledge, but makes use of a daily life plot to convey the education messages in a lively manner. This is different from the first series in which the kung-fu master delivered the key messages through a training session with his apprentices.

The new series continues to feature John Chiang, a TV and movie celebrity, as the kung-fu master who delivers the key messages through his dialogues with his wife, son, daughter, friends and other people from different walk of life in a home setting.

In light of the latest market and product development, the new video series covers different topical issues and education messages. These include the risks associated with trading virtual commodities and subscribing to an IPO on margin as well as the dividend distribution of funds, risks of bonds and ETF.

Starting from 8 September 2014, the videos will be broadcast on public transport networks and TV as well as promoted via online and mobile platforms.

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