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Who doesn’t love shopping? In Hong Kong, the answer is no one. We’re surrounded by shops and we all love a little retail therapy. With so many financial decisions to make every single day, sound money management skills are essential. That’s especially true for young people, who are encountering new and sometimes overwhelming choices.

There are more ways for young people to spend their money than ever before, and it’s possible to make costly mistakes. That is why the Investor Education Centre and the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society have teamed up to develop a unique financial education programme called “GET $ET GO! Money Management Workshop”.

Targeting junior secondary students, the workshop aims to build their money management skills in practical ways, equipping them with a healthy attitude towards money. The workshop also hopes to nurture an understanding of the huge benefits of saving and covers the risks and responsibilities of borrowing money.

During the two-hour workshop, each student takes on a fictional identity, including their academic bio, job, salary, debt status, fixed monthly expenses and financial goals. Participants are free to allocate their time and wealth to various activities –from spending and saving to entertainment and further learning.

Their investment choices lead to different results and the students must also face simulated difficult circumstances to help them see the crucial need to prepare for unforeseeable events. By participating in this one-of-a-kind workshop, students learn practical skills that they can immediately apply. How to create a budget, track expenses, set and reach financial goals – everything needed to make wiser money decisions is covered.

Already offered at five local schools, the workshop is now ready to be rolled out at more schools in the 2015-16 academic year. Interested schools can contact the IEC at for more information. Don’t miss this precious chance to give your child a gift they can bank on!