New education platform

In April 2016 the Investor Education Centre launched an independent and impartial financial education platform, The Chin Family. Our aim is to make learning about finances simpler, more straightforward and enjoyable for everyone in Hong Kong. The information and tools previously on the IEC website are now available on The Chin Family website.



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Research and Evaluation

IEC research initiatives

On-going research is essential to inform IEC’s education initiatives. We are committed to monitoring the financial literacy level of Hong Kong people and identifying the knowledge and capability gaps that need to be filled.

Here are some of the research studies we have conducted over the past few years:






Evaluation of IEC’s education initiatives

We pride ourselves on adopting an evidence-based approach to our education work which we achieve through robust evaluations of major initiatives.

Examples include gauging the effectiveness of IEC’s key education programmes:

IEC grant for research into financial education

We also run an annual research grant programme to encourage rigorous research into the area of financial education among fellow financial education practitioners and academics.

Grants up to HKD500,000 are available depending on the scope of the project. A research grant committee consisting of leading local academics and financial education practitioners is formed to assess all applications while the IEC administers and manages the operations.

Learn more about the research grant