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To invest in a listed company, you can buy shares and become a shareholder of the company.

Stock is a share in the ownership of a company. As a shareholder you can get dividends and have the voting right.

Stocks are classified in many ways, such as industry segment, earning growth, dividend distribution or capitalisation. Also the risk and return on stocks vary. For example, stocks in big, profitable and well-run companies - known as blue-chips - usually offer a lower risk and return. On the other hand, small cap stocks can offer higher returns, but also higher risks.

If you want stocks as one of your investments, consider how much risk you can bear, your dividend needs and expected return. Shareholders should keep an eye on the company's performance, prospects and the way it is run.

Learn more about stock in the following sections.


Risk of investing in stock market
H Shares and red chips
Shareholder obligations
Shares holding
Suspension of trading
HK stock market

Listing formats

Ways of listing
Listing by introduction
HK despositary receipts
Stapled securities
Investment companies
Assessing investment companies

IPO investing

Reading prospectus
Subscribing new shares
Share allotment
Flexibility in pricing for IPOs

Corporate disclosure

Company annoucements
Annual reports
Disclosure of interests
Dual filing
Reading proposed transactions of listed companies
FAQs - Corporate disclosure

Corporate action

Right issues
Types of offers
Responding to an offer
Takeover Code - non-application
Understand Stock Connect
Trading rules and arrangement
Major risks
All about the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets
What information should you look for?
Financial terms for Mainland and Hong Kong

Stock trading

Day trading
Short selling
Fundamental analysis
Technical analysis
Closing auction session
Volatility control mechanism
Cornering a market
Domino effect as a result of cross-shareholding
Understanding shareholding distribution
Dubious fundraising activities
Rights issues for retail shareholders
Stock parking
The cost of being a figurehead
Methods of voting
The power of retail shareholders
Understanding the new listing regime
New listing regime highlights
Protection for investors
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